About Us

si·pol·o·gie – The quest for the perfect sip

At Sipologie, we believe that the perfect sip can bring joy to your day, and we're on a mission to help you find it. We offer a thoughtfully curated selection of drinkware to elevate your sipping experience.

Having grown up visiting family tea estates in Assam & Darjeeling I have always been passionate about the art and science behind making a great cup of tea. While visiting customers and exhibiting at speciality food expos around the world with our tea company - Glenburn Tea, I was lucky to learn about other beverages. 

It became apparent that a variety of high quality and affordable drinkware was much needed in India. That's why we started Sipologie, with a mission to provide high-quality and stylish drinkware to promote the art of sipping. Each item in our collection is hand-selected for its beauty, functionality, and durability.

So whether you're a tea connoisseur, coffee lover, or cocktail enthusiast, elevate your sipping experience with Sipologie.


Happy Sipping!

- Sid

Founder & Chief Sipologist