Vintage French Press, Black - 350ml
Vintage French Press, Black - 350ml
Vintage French Press, Black - 350ml
Vintage French Press, Black - 350ml
Vintage French Press, Black - 350ml


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Enjoy a smooth, sediment-free cup every time with our 4-level filtration system. It effectively separates coffee grounds from the liquid, ensuring rich flavors and minimal residue.


Our heat-resistant Borosilicate glass ensures each brew retains its authentic taste, preserving the coffee's natural oils and flavours for a pure and indulgent coffee experience.


Featuring a sturdy, drip-proof design, the Sipologie French Press is built for daily use and easy maintenance. It's dishwasher safe, making cleaning effortless and keeping your coffee ritual hassle-free.

Essential Coffee Know-How

Buying Whole Beans vs Ground Coffee

Whole beans are the key to preserving the freshness and flavor of your coffee, as they retain their qualities longer than ground coffee, which quickly loses its aroma and taste due to exposure to air and light.

By grinding your beans right before brewing, you unlock the full potential of the oils and compounds responsible for coffee's rich flavor and aroma, ensuring a more vibrant and enjoyable cup every time.

Using Freshly Roasted Coffee

Freshly roasted coffee provides the best flavour in your cup. They are packed with oils and compounds that contribute to the coffee’s aroma and taste.

When coffee beans are exposed to air, they begin to oxidize, leading to a loss of these flavourful qualities. This is why coffee enthusiasts often emphasize the importance of using beans that are as close to their roasting date as possible.

Additionally, freshly roasted beans have a higher level of carbon dioxide, which can enhance the extraction process, resulting in a more vibrant and full-bodied brew. By prioritizing freshness, you ensure that your coffee has the richest and most complex flavor profile possible.

How Grind Size Affects Flavour

The grind size influences the extraction process; A finer grind increases the surface area in contact with water, leading to a faster extraction of flavours and oils.

This is ideal for methods with short brew times, like espresso. However, too fine a grind can result in over-extraction, making your coffee taste bitter.

Conversely, a coarser grind is better for longer brewing methods, such as French press or cold brew. It slows down the extraction process, reducing the risk of over-extraction and resulting in a smoother, more balanced flavor.

Brewing Guide

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Heat water to just below boiling temperature ( Around - 95C ), which is ideal for extracting the full flavour of the coffee without scalding it.
Use the Coffee Spoon which is included to add the coarse ground coffee
Before pouring all the water, start by pouring a bit to wet the coffee grounds. wait for 40sec and then add remaining water
Let it brew for 3-4 minutes, slowly press down the plunger to filter the coffee and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee !