How to brew Iced Coffee using Moka Pot

How to brew Iced Coffee using Moka Pot


Cool the Coffee: Allow the brewed coffee* from your Moka pot to cool slightly.
You can speed up this process by pouring the coffee into a heat-resistant pitcher or glass.
Ice It: Fill a glass with a generous amount of ice.
Pour: Pour the cooled Moka pot coffee over the ice. The coffee will chill quickly, and some of the ice will melt, diluting the coffee to a balanced strength.

Customize: Add milk, creamer, or sweetener to taste if desired.

Enjoy: Stir well and enjoy your refreshing Moka pot iced coffee!
This method is perfect for enjoying the rich and strong flavor of Moka pot coffee in a cool and refreshing way.

by Sidhant Prakash – July 04, 2024